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About Me

I am 17 years old, a grade 12 student, and a member of the wrestling team here at St. Clair. I am taking 2 grade 11 classes this semester (mixed math and college English). Meh.


I like to wrestle, and our team will be going a lot of different tournaments and meets this year. Communications class is great, because we get to do a lot of different things on the computer, like making graphics, animations, and websites like this. Math class is kinda fun, its easier to understand the second time around. Never take college English, its horrible. You just sit there write notes, and read boring books. I have a really good teacher for it , so it has become somewhat bearable.


I like to play sports, videogames, read or hang out in my spare time. I like PC games, X-box, PS2, etc. I have PS-one and its not all that great. The Diablo series for PC is a good bunch of games, (I love Diablo2, and the expansion pack). Another good PC game is Tactics Arena Online. It is located at