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This is the main section of the site. It's where I put all the information about all the different projects I've done. I have used various programs, and tools to make the following images.

Project1 - Company

My first project was to create my own company. It was a group assignment, and my group brainstormed, sketched out rough logos, and suggested ideas until we all decided on the name Mythic Park Inc. The logo, designed but not digitally created by me, ended up looking like this:



Project 1.5 - Animation

Along with creating our company, we were told to create a 3d animation. I made one that would be appropriate to the subject matter of the video we were going to make later on. I made it in LightWave 7.5, using the modeler to build the objects, and the layout to setup, and create the animated sequence. I know this is a little fast, and maybe choppy, but the computers here weren't all that great, and we couldn't view the whole animation until we had rendered it into ".avi" format. Here is the end result of my efforts.




Project 2 - Movie

Another project my class did was working to make a promotional video for a non-profit organization. We had to make a 5 minute film advertising services available through that group. We also had to design a brochure, poster, and video sleeve for our project. Here are scaled down pictures of final copies of  the brochure, the poster, and the video sleeve.


    Brochure: sides 1 and 2                                                    Poster


Video Sleeve

Project 3 - Photo Forgery

Our latest project was to take a picture, and insert ourselves into it in some way. Some people chose to be kissing Madonna, praying with the Pope, or climbing mountains. I chose to replace the face of the main character of Deus Ex, with my face. In the picture that I chose, the character is holding a smoking gun at the viewer. Anyways, this is what it looks like, both before and after:


                    Before                                                          After



Log Sheets

Throughout the semester, we have been doing log sheets on the computer. They look like this:

Log Sheet:

Website Building

For our websites, my class started with 3 basic steps:
Step 1 Brainstorm - describe at least 10 original website designs
Step 2 Planning - plan out the different pages of our site
Step 3 Gathering Info - get info needed to make site