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Clan Wars

How and When to Kill


Individual Unit Strategies

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Kill your enemy's cleric early on in the game if at all possible. Clerics get killed in 2 hits by the scout, mud golem, beast rider, golem ambusher, and knight even with healing once. They can be killed in one hit by dragons, witches, and lightning wards. Position your units within your setup to block access to your cleric, and to stop scout shots at him. Watch out for enemy ambushers attacking your cleric over top of all your carefully positioned units. Keep your cleric alive, and heal on turns that your attacking unit is waiting whenever possible.

Knights are high-pergentage blocking units, being very difficult to hit. They have heavy armour, making them able to take less damage from strong attacks. Knights with the added armour of a stone golem are very difficult to kill, wether or not supported by the healing of a cleric. It is standard procedure to position your knights towards the front of your formation so that they protect your magic and lower blocking units. Knights are also a difficult unit to stop when sent after a cleric since they are powerful as well as high-blocking units.

Your scout is the unit that controls the board. It had reasonable front blocking, but can't stand repeated hits. Position him to the sides of the board to get the best chance of being able to hit enemy units when he attacks their sides. The scout is a classic cleric-killer because he can do the job from afar(up to the 6th square away from himself), and get out quickly afterwards with his 4 movement range. You may have heard of something called LoS. This is an anacronym for "Line of Sight". The scout has a set pattern as to which units his arrow will reach in relation to his position. See chart included:

Scout Line of Sight - This is a table deatiling the various shots that the scout can do. It is a very useful reference if you dont know if you would be able to make a shot.


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