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Welcome to the official Mystic Warriors Clan website. Please feel free to take a look around and see who's in our clan, and what we're all about. If you're a recent addition to our clan, be sure to check out the members page and see if you've been added to the list yet.

This site has been designed as a guide and reference for players of Tactics Arena Online (TAO), as well as to share this passion with others. The Unnamed Clan is one of many clans on theLegends server located at . Our website includes a list of clan members, strategy, how to join, and recent news and events about TAO. It has just about everything TAO-related you could think of.

I am Klaxxon the Mighty, temporarily displaced leader of the Mystic Warriors Clan (MWC) on Legends server, and resident webmaster for this site.

    Quick Clan Info:
  • Clan: Mystic Warriors
  • Server: Legends
  • Leader: Klaxxon the Mighty
  • Predominant Language: English
May 1, 2006
Formation Pics added, more to come.
March 7, 2006
Moved Online. "Love and affection may now rain down from the heavens." - Klax
Feb. 26, 2006
CSS styles added.
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