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Wondering how to become a part of this clan? Here are some simple
steps to follow:

  1. Make sure your account has the required 1100(approx.) statistical rating.
  2. Contact one of the clan leaders or co-leaders listed on the Members page.
  3. Notify them once you have met the 1100 requirement, read the Rules page,
    and would like to join.
  4. Play them an introductory game and see if you're up to snuff.
  5. Good luck and I hope to see ya around TAO!


"Ungh! We are in desperate need of troops laddie. Just look around at these barely manned walls. And to think there's no one cooking for the soldiers up there night and day! By God we could be crushed in a moment by a larger clan. Well not with me about, heh! We need soldiers, watchmen, guards, mages, blacksmiths, scouts, assassins, clerics, cooks - we need everything! But even with our small force don't underestimate us. Remember; it's quality, not quantity. Heh heh heh...." - Klaxxon the Mighty

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