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This is an easy list of rules and regulations to be followed by all members of the Un-Named clan. Any violation of these rules is grounds for immediate (though unlikely) expulsion from the clan with or without notice. Please stick to these puppies, and no problems will arise.



  1. Respect - clan members and leaders should not be insulting or rude beyond "normal standards".
  2. Maintain Stats - try to keep your statistical rating above1100.
  3. Avatar - there is no mandatory avatar, so experiment with all colours and types. If you feel the need to show your colours, use a red avatar.
  4. Be Active - clans aren't all too much fun without people doing stuff in them. Play other members, or just keep the lines of communication open. Help out people having trouble with their forms within the clan, and everyone will improve and have a better time of it.
  5. HAVE FUN! - no matter if you win or lose a game remember that you can always walk away with a new friend, a story to share, or just having had a good time.


Creed of Allegiance to the Un-Named Clan

"As a recruited member of the Mystic WarriorsClan, I, __________ swear to uphold the commands and decisions of its heirarchy, withold emnity from all its members, and serve loyaly the clan leader. I hereby pledge my life to protect the clan and its members from harm unto the full extent of my ability for the duration of the clan's existence, so help me God."

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