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TAO Background


TAO was created by a man named Vito Sze (a.k.a. "Seed"), and uses flash player plug in to run. An exceedingly influential member of the community at that time was Fury FX, a graphic design artist who made some site graphics and news bulletin pictures back when this all started. Overall the players of TAO form a friendly and competitive atmosphere for an online community that is constantly expanding.


Tactics Arena Online is a TBS (Turn Based Strategy) game played online against other people online. Each player commands their own customizable team to battle head-on against an opponent's team. New units will be added to the game gradually, and players will obtain them depending upon how they want to build their team.


TAO was first released in fall of the year 2003. It was preceeded by other games by Seed, most noteably Tactics Core Demo which developed the foundation of the entire game.


TAO has 5 servers. Here is a list of them. the ones shown in orange are from, while the ones in yellow are found at .

  1. Legends
  2. Great Lakes
  3. Banff
  4. Armaggedon
  5. Revelation - only upgraded accounts from can use this server.


The purpose of TAO is to have a place to meet people with friendly competition, and have a good time once in a while instead of bumming around the house all day.

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